Who We Are

Our baseball season is 365 days a year…

Umpires Advance United

At United Collegiate Umpires, we are committed to affecting real change in NCAA baseball umpiring. We are emboldened by, and reliant on, a foundational core tenet – Umpires Advance United. United in standards, united in accountability, united in restoring the sense of accomplishment and meaning every NCAA baseball umpire should take pride in.

This commitment that is “our” baseball season is 365-days a year – and we would not want it any other way. It’s what we authentically love to do, it’s who we are!

Forged with an unwavering vision to create a northeast baseball umpire identity revered throughout the country, UCU is driven by a passion, dedication, and commitment to establish the standard for NCAA assigning firms throughout the country.

Founded in 2017, our foundational core identity always has, and always will be, continuing umpire education – vital to ensure our conferences and their member institutions are consistently provided umpires whose abilities are commensurate with the talented student-athletes on the field.

As NCAA umpires and clinicians, we have worked tirelessly, on and off the field, to uphold the integrity of NCAA athletics. The formation of UCU represents the next chapter in this effort. #UmpiresAdvanceUnited

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Our Mission

United Collegiate Umpires (UCU) supports NCAA baseball conferences through accessible, consistent and open-minded assigning practices. UCU offers superior continuing umpire education while efficiently coordinating with institutions, athletic offices, coaches and umpires for the enrichment of the student-athlete.