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Summer Placement

Why you should work with United Umpires

United Umpires
United Umpires
United Umpires

Why Do a Summer Placement
with United Umpires?

  • Placement minimums of one month
  • Experienced staff in each region/area to provide feedback and instruction
  • Placements will have a maximum of 10 umpires
  • Access to video/Trackman data to enhance the learning process
  • Earn $1100 per week working college summer leagues in conjunction with the high-level youth games in the same locale. Umpires who desire to work more and make more will have that opportunity (see below)
  • Very little travel
  • Umpires paid per game on a weekly basis (not salaried)
  • Work in both the two-umpire and three-umpire systems
  • Help to navigate the preparation needed to return to umpire school financially and with quality, meaningful game repetitions
  • Pairing of umpires with current collegiate umpires, former MiLB umpires and collegiate supervisors
  • Form relationships with a national network of umpires from all levels of professional and amateur baseball
  • Provide your own lodging or utilize lodging provided by United (approximately $150 fee per week)

Weekly Income Example

DescriptionUmpire SystemPer Game Payment# Games per WeekTotal
College Summer League3–Man$100.004 games$400.00
High Level PBR Tournaments2–Man$65.0012 games$780.00
Total $ per Week16 games$1,180.00
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Our Mission

United Collegiate Umpires (UCU) supports NCAA baseball conferences through accessible, consistent and open-minded assigning practices. UCU offers superior continuing umpire education while efficiently coordinating with institutions, athletic offices, coaches and umpires for the enrichment of the student-athlete.