Training Program

Continuing education is year-round…

Education of Umpires

Ensuring conferences and/or schools maximize the return on their investment is at the core foundation of the principles we are charged to uphold in order to meet the expectations entrusted to us. The continuing education of our officials is vital in this year-round effort.

We have collaborated in the implementation of training programs throughout the country, including several presentations made as part of the NCAA Umpire Improvement Program. While we never take this validation for granted, we do know it sends an unmistakable message – our program works!

The implementation and organization of a training program fall on the shoulders of the assignor; however, we believe it is important for umpires to gain knowledge and understanding from the top instructors available nationwide. Toward this end, UCU has enlisted former professional umpires Brian deBrauwere and Brian Miller as classroom curriculum and field curriculum directors, respectively.

Their curriculum is directly developed in conjunction with Training Advisers, Triple-A and Major League Baseball call-up umpire Chris Segal and former Triple-A umpire and Lead Instructor at the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, Chris Hubler and aided by the input of Tom Honec, Manager, Umpire Technology and Video who currently serves in the same role with Minor League baseball’s umpire development program.

The MAC/UCU training program, in conjunction with John Porter, continually evolves and provides umpires with the most current mechanics and rule interpretations. The program, a 12-month continuing education development course, consists of two-man, three-man and four-man mechanics clinics (designed for Championship levels), as well as game philosophy and rules classes. The MAC/UCU program educates 250-300 umpires annually.